Website Development

At Tech Staffing Solution we understand website creativity and we can navigate that fine line between superfluous and functional.

When it comes to the look and feel of your website you're going to need to be simple, attractive and different. The web is growing every day and your competition is getting more and more savvy. The key to do ahead of your competitor is to differentiate yourself from them.

The only way you can do this is by putting a very attractive website. When you have a Digital presence that stands head and shoulders above your competition you have a major psychological advantage with potential prospects. To your website visitor you looks more competent, you appear more reliable and you're more likely to win this lead.

Website Designing and development is all about taking your sales pitch ideas and the theme of your company and developing a powerful web presentation. Everything has to be just precise and to the point: the logo, the color palette, the icons, the graphics, the imagery, the arrangement of the page, the eye trail, etc. When all these web components are combined together in a manner, produces a best emotional connection between you and visitors.

So how do you stand out from an ever growing crowd of competitors? Be creative. Develop a world class website that differentiates your business from all the "Johnny-come-late".

Website Functional Features:

  1. Storefront
  2. Shopping Cart (Preupsell and postupsell feature)
  3. Both CC accept and Paypal payment gateway with a Gateway Rotator
  4. recurring billing profiles with each product (4 profile/product)
  5. unlimited products upload
  6. live chat
  7. Click to call
  8. CRM + Autoresponder
  9. unlimited optin forms with embed code
  10. survey system
  11. Affiliate system (sign up form, Affiliate portal and login page, banner ads with embed code,)
  12. ticket system for your client
  13. Blog with tags and meta keyword features.
  14. Lead pages with 40 templates
  15. thank you pages with 20 temnplate
  16. exit pop ups
  17. social media integration
  18. Facebook Store

This all feature help you in branding and supporting your client better and make them returning clients and hence more business for you.

Website Design will have following fetures:

  1. Fully Responsive Website as per your requirements
  2. Friendly and Easy to Use Admin Panel
  3. Best design and layout revisions until 100% satisfaction
  4. 100% Search Engine Friendly URL structure and SEF patches applied
  5. Special attention to UI/UX
  6. Visually attractive Graphical layout
  7. Enhanced Security with Image optimization
  8. Social Media Integration, Contact Forms, Google Maps, Newsletter Subscription and Mailing list
  9. Security best practices followed