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Who we are

Tech staffing solution is a global consulting firm focusing on delivering high quality, process oriented and cost effective solutions with a competitive edge. Our team is highly experienced and possesses deep expertise in their areas of focus. We provide superior value for our clients by delivering high quality work designed to enhance their Return on Investment. Our success rate is evidenced by a 60% rate of customers who invite us back for second and subsequent engagements.

We follow the best quality practices and onsite / offshore methodologies in the industry. We have pioneered processes based on experience of doing offshore development for clients globally. Over the years we have learned from our experiences, and as a result, have deployed only the most prudent and well-reasoned processes for offshore coordination.

Infrastructure With offices across the USA, Tech staffing solution inc. is uniquely positioned to help its clients with on-site and offshore work. Our projects span the globe having completed work in the USA, Asia and Europe. With sustained infrastructure investments over the years, we have created a world class knowledge-networked environment where our employees provide high quality solutions to clients. These investments enhance employee productivity and reduce engagement risk for our clients.

Tech staffing solution's facilities incorporate a world-class technology infrastructure with a focus on reliability, security, and scalability. We have a comprehensive physical security setup that ensures all project documents, data, and services are secure and protected at all times.